Contest of Sorts

Over on my Facebook Page there is a contest for a free download of Snowball- the audiobook. Facebook Page Post I put the instructions to "Like, Share and Comment" for the entry. Can I make it any clearer? That is three things to do. 1. Like the post. 2. Share the post. 3. Comment on … Continue reading Contest of Sorts

Ooh, Here’s An Idea

So, you go to Amazon Here specifically - Free download with Audible Trial Offer Get the audio book of Snowball, narrated by Anna Grace Conover Then get the ebook download for free til Christmas Ta-Da! You have a read-a-long! Can you find the word choice changes? After the first of the year I will post … Continue reading Ooh, Here’s An Idea

You Have My Attention

For a few minutes. Today is as I posted on the 'other blog' busy. The whole week is busy. This month feels really busy. Soon I anticipate telling you Snowball, the audio version will be available. I have to do some work advertising for it as well as working on details that I need to … Continue reading You Have My Attention

Being Brave

So, this morning I got a little more brave. First I received an email about the audio version of Snowball that is in production. (The release of the audio should be in 5-10 days.) If you want to check out the Instagram post by the producter/narrator Anna Grace Conover I am putting the link in … Continue reading Being Brave

Happy Birthday, Mickey

First Twitter post I saw this morning was about Mickey Mouse's Birthday. It brought back to me memories. Memories of Chef Borardee's box of spaghetti dinner, TV trays, watching television and Marlon with his Wild Kingdom. Then after the credits and commercial came Tinkerbelle and the Magic Kingdom. It was a wonderful life, one of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mickey