Bad Dreams

So the stats for the free ebook give away was better than the stats of the release of Snowball. (Which by the way is in the works to be an audio book, Snowball, that is.) So while, it may not seem like a lot is going on behind the blog, it is. The first week of October … Continue reading Bad Dreams



Scared? No? Yeah, I didn't think so. There is nothing scarier than being told something is wrong when it comes to your health, is there? Now, that is scary. I have been on that roller coaster for the last three months (many posts were written, edited and scheduled ahead of time). Going to all the follow-up … Continue reading Boo!

Acrylic Paints

While drawing illustrations, also am learning to use acrylics. Like anything new, to become familiar with a skill, some study and practice time has to be squeezed in. (Youtube is a plethora of sources of information on this subject as well.) While it would be nice to go to a paint class, (if one fits … Continue reading Acrylic Paints


Instead of working on book illustrations at the end of 2015, I worked on a theme illustration for 2016. In the middle of 2015, I chose a meme about determination. It became my focus for the last half of the year. It was motivation and a visual reminder of what my focus was when things … Continue reading Possibility


My big lesson for the year has not just learning to accept myself in a deeper sense, but accept that others may or may not be able or even want to accept me. Those are are pretty big lessons.  I think I have relearned them several times over now.  Each time at a deeper level … Continue reading Acceptance