Junque Jamboree

Just a quick note, we spend a soggy Saturday morning at the courthouse square in Vienna, IL. We sold a few books, gave away a few Audible book downloads, ate some delicious Southern BBQ, apple salsa and homemade fudge. I watch some really nice horses rocking away in the wind next to our booth.  (We had a good time!)

About noon though my chill went to the bone and I started feeling the grumpies really take hold. I needed a nap and some hot tea (which I could have got a cup on the square, but I was just ready to be home).  So we packed up and walked our stuff out.

There were a lot of very nice folks on the square both selling and buying. We enjoyed our morning. Hope everyone that came had a good time.

They will be having a fall version September 15th – it is a Saturday. Plus there is an antique District Christmas Open House scheduled for November 3rd.


I got a question.


In the coming weeks I have some questions I want to ask you, reader.

First off, do you read both this and the grown up blog? Any opinion or suggestion on merging the two? Not sure how I would do that, but it is something that has been making me rethink how I set this up. Two blogs, two facebook and all things in two – Julie Kolb and J. Kolb.

I thought it would make it easier to tell right away whether or not the story was appropriate for a child or an adult. It sounds like a great idea. The actual working it is proving a little fragmented for me. Though, as a mom, and grandmother, I do have an appreciation for the concept.

So, please, answer, and if you have a comment, put your two cents in.

Read on!


Winners? Maybe.

As of today, there are only two comments for the blog giveaway. Both of those found their way into the spam folder. The WordPress anti spam settings don’t believe their comments are valid. So I am going to approve them and respond on the post and hope that the individuals are real and will respond back on the blog so that I can verify they aren’t bots or spam ware that posted.

Let’s hope so, shall we?

Reading is a Rule

So, this is the second giveaway I am promoting. I have written and posted the policy on the about page, and I clarified the rules to enter. Already there are some post likes, but unfortunately that does not constitute an entry. Why? Because that doesn’t necessarily give me a good email address to send the download code to. I have in the past had reason to email a blog, resulting either in an undeliverable message back to me, or no response at all because the person doesn’t check their email.

There is no signing in requirement, just an email to comment. (I checked that for those WORDPRESSers who know what I am talking about.) I didn’t want to force anyone to signing to WordPress in order to enter.

So how have giveaways worked for you? I am just wondering. My first went – ok, but the entrants didn’t really follow directions.  And I am cautiously optimistic that about this one. From my own experience, if all I have to do is “like” something I don’t really engage with what I am entering for – it’s just a free thing. BUT if it is something that is of interest to me, yeah, I am going to read and follow directions.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Wanting the entries to be people who are actually interested in what I am giving away versus just wanting something for free?  Or am I just being elitist?



Thanks –


Ooh, Here’s An Idea

So, you go to Amazon

Here specifically –

Free download with Audible Trial Offer

Get the audio book of Snowball, narrated by Anna Grace Conover

Then get the

ebook download for free til Christmas


You have a read-a-long! Can you find the word choice changes? After the first of the year I will post them.

There are a few errors in the print and ebook. Can you find those?

An exercise in learning.

Hurry before the free stuff goes away!


Here is a link to the audio book of Snowball done narrated and produced by Anna Grace Conover.

Snowball the Audio Book


              Download an audiobook, ebook or print copy of Snowball 

Free download sample on Amazon (click link above in blue)

Check out both Snowball and Bad Dream

Thanks Anna!