Fickle Relationships

Each morning during my coffee ministrations a reluctant Daisy Mae, in disbelief of day break, slowly saunters in the kitchen squinting her eyes in rejection of morning. She waits patiently for me to acknowledge her presence; if not quick enough she sighs heavily as her patience wains. Checking her water bowl’s level to fill, when … Continue reading Fickle Relationships


So, I could be running errands today, and may still, but I won’t be out and about alone, if I go. My son’s dog, Daisy Mae, is frightened by storms. This knowledge was somewhere in the back of my brain, but it wasn’t exactly first hand knowledge as to how badly storms scared her, not … Continue reading Storms

Daisy Mae and Me

Daisy Mae and I have coexisted for several years now. Daisy is much more easy going than I am, but even she has her limits. Every so often I discover the location of those limits. Lately, Daisy and I have been morning the loss of our companion, Robin, my dog that crossed the bridge last … Continue reading Daisy Mae and Me


While my daughter was gone on vacation, Daisy Mae and me spent all our time together. Ok, so, it was Daisy Mae who spent all her time with me. Normally, when my agenda has me out and about, Daisy has the companionship of her guardian. My presence is merely is as a substitute companion when … Continue reading Alliances