Being Brave

So, this morning I got a little more brave. First I received an email about the audio version of Snowball that is in production. (The release of the audio should be in 5-10 days.) If you want to check out the Instagram post by the producter/narrator Anna Grace Conover I am putting the link in … Continue reading Being Brave

YEAH!!!!! Book Signing DONE!

Thanks to the Book Exchange of Norfolk! Well another year of book signings has begun. Not sure when or if this part of writing will ever become comfortable for me. Racks my nerves like a scary movie overtime. Meet some nice people. Saw my dream pair of running shoes, one of the children in the … Continue reading YEAH!!!!! Book Signing DONE!


Later this month . . . THIS HAPPENS! If you are near Norfolk, Virginia, please stop by! If you would like to have either of us, Anthony or Julie come to an event near you, or your store, please contact us at kolbwebinc at Snowball book signing at   The Book Exchange       … Continue reading THIS HAPPENS!

Labor of Love

There are somethings in life we have the opportunity to do again.  Some that we will never have that chance; we are stuck with our first attempt. My presentation of Snowball falls in the latter category. I had very little confidence in my ability to tell/write a story for anyone to enjoy.  To protect my … Continue reading Labor of Love

Did you know?

There are T-shirts available and items for sale with Snowball as the featured image?  Well, there are. Currently there is a massive amount available at CafePress. Kolb Web Inc   Also we have begun to put together a new store with Zazzle. Kolb Web Inc Would love feedback on which store is the easiest to … Continue reading Did you know?