Happy Fourth Anniversary

In just a little over a month the fourth anniversary of Snowball’s print release will occur. In my mind there were big plans. Plans for t-shirts and other swag to celebrate. Whether that or anything like it happens is up in the air.

I am in the middle of trying to finish my story for grown ups, a story that has been in the works for since 2011 or so.  I stopped it to write Snowball. Snowball took me two years to put in print. Bad Dreams took me a little over three years.

Once the work-in-progress is between covers, other stories are lurking in my personal slush pile vying for me to finish and publish. (Slush piles are unsolicited stories sent to publishers that typically have astronomical* odds of ever being published -* according to a 1982 New York Times article by Edwin McDowell). There is a toss up between the second illustrated book and a young adult tale that was workshopped in a creative fiction class.

But back to the point. It is the fourth anniversary and the book (Thank You!) is still selling. I am quite stunned actually. It wasn’t an aspect of writing that I ever thought about, this having a book much less two books in print. My focus has been trying to get what I like to call the magical six (the number of books you can see on your computer screen when you search for an author on the internet).

My fingers will be glued to the keyboard in an effort to get the story finished so that it can go to beta readers in July. If, and that is a ginormous if, that happens, we may see what we can do about some anniversary swag.

My thanks again to those still finding Snowball to read. I thank you so much for giving her a chance.

Happy summer reading!




As I have said before, Snowball is now an audio book. Very exciting Christmas for me, getting it all uploaded and available. Now I am finally getting around to playing at marketing. All trial and error on my part, I do not have this all figured out.

But that plays into your hands, because I have free download links to give away.  So for the next 14 days you can enter here at the blog. That’s right the entry time is from February 1 to 14, 2018.

RULES OF ENTRY –There are some rules you have to follow. The more rules you follow, the more times your name goes in to get a code. SO READ THROUGH THEM ALL BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

  1. Comment on the blog – see below how this can be a ‘2for’ by sharing my blog on your blog and leaving me a link to your blog in my comments. (your email address is required to comment so the code to download the audiobook and instructions can be sent to the winner). Without this first entry all others are null and void.
  2. Follow the blog! – WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS YOU DO NUMBER 1
  3. Share the blog –  Tell me where in your comment you shared the blog.  Yes, a lot of checking on  my part, but there will be verification. This can be your comment in #1 but you have to leave your blog link in the comments showing you sharing my blog for it to count as two entries. Not that you can’t also link a blog post of your own you would like to share with others, that would be great as well! And if you just comment and don’t repost or link back to my blog you get an entry but only one. Is that clear as mud for you? WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS YOU DO NUMBER
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Giveaway policy can be found on the ABOUT PAGE  at the bottom.

There you go, four times is a charm.

Now about what you can win, a code. It lets you download my audiobook Snowball, narrated by Anna Grace Conover, a really wonderful actress, voice actor, who took a chance on my story and brought it to sound. Here is a little audio taste of what you can expect to hear –

Thanks for reading, and now listening!


OH! Almost forgot. You do not have to have audible – you can get a free trial offer of audible at the amazon site

If you purchase Snowball as your first Audible membership purchase – we get a kickback (FULL DISCLOSURE).

Being Brave

So, this morning I got a little more brave.

First I received an email about the audio version of Snowball that is in production. (The release of the audio should be in 5-10 days.)

If you want to check out the Instagram post by the producter/narrator Anna Grace Conover I am putting the link in here._MG_3939.CR2-2

But that isn’t all.

I came across a contest by Boho Berry.  A blogger/artist/entrepreneur that is paying forward. Some way I would like to do the same and hope at the very least by sharing my path of practice and development as a writer – mistakes and all, I do that, too.

Kara, aka Boho Berry,  has a contest on for small businesses. The first place winners (3 first place), second and third place (That is a total of 5 winners!) will receive cash prizes to use for their business.

To vote for me –  Julie Kolb’s Boho Berry Small Business Contest Entry Click Here! 


What would I do with if I won?

Buy some software that would allow me to create better files for uploading my stories as well as be able to edit my artwork to use it on the web and for book covers.

I could also use some more courses to improve my ability to use software, improve my written storytelling and advertising. Word of mouth, as much as I want it to do the job, isn’t going very far.

For one, I haven’t been good about being brave and asking for help. But, I have been writing publicly in one form or the other since 2011. I wrote content for Yahoo way back when it was.

I am not going to quit, and to my friends and family they have known that fact for a longer time back.

Thanks for your support!

Love you for reading!



So, the eldest sent me a list for creating a media kit. No, I had not done one before now. Yes, I am aware how backward my process is —for the record, I am working on the media kit.

Here, let me share it with you.

1) A letter of introduction.  This is a personal bio no longer than 1 page.  It should highlight your strengths and accomplishments.

2)  A mission statement or manifesto.  This is how you stand out from other authors and what makes your work unique.

3) Testimonials or reviews.  When starting out it doesn’t matter who has done them, just that you have them.  I.E. if Natalie has reviewed your work she’d be Radio Personality and Voice Actor Natalie says “blah”

4) FAQ

5) Services offered – i.e. onsite book signing provides promotional opportunity for the store to drive up foot traffic.

6) Rates (cost of books and merchandise)

7) Stats (how many visits have you had to your blogs.  how many books have you sold?  what have common readers said about your work?)

8) Contact Information

After reading through myself the first time, I was at a loss as to where to begin. It seems such a daunting task. The second time I read through it was a few minutes later, this time sitting on the couch with my companion pup sitting next to me. When I finished the second read through I looked the lab in the eye and explained, “I have no clue how to do any of this. Would you write my bio?”

The puppy is quite willing it seems. She stood on the couch next to me, tail wagging wildly and leaned in to lick my face. She will do a great job, I am sure of it.

YEAH!!!!! Book Signing DONE!

Thanks to the Book Exchange of Norfolk!

Well another year of book signings has begun. Not sure when or if this part of writing will ever become comfortable for me. Racks my nerves like a scary movie overtime.

Meet some nice people. Saw my dream pair of running shoes, one of the children in the store had the brightest neon shoes. Next to the shoes with the heels that light up when you walk, they are my new favorite. Wonder my feet are small enough to fit in the largest children’s size; may have to check that out.

Worked a little on the picture book illustrations and between napping sitting upright Anthony practice a little slight of hand.  I enjoyed it. That is one of the perks of being married to a magician —they keep you entertained.


Watching Anthony do some card magic in the sunshine at the Book Exchange in Norfolk, VA
Watching Anthony do some card magic in the sunshine at the Book Exchange in Norfolk, VA


Later this month . . .


If you are near Norfolk, Virginia, please stop by!

If you would like to have either of us, Anthony or Julie come to an event near you, or your store, please contact us at kolbwebinc at gmail.com.

Snowball book signing at   The Book Exchange                                                                    Saturday, January 30, 2015

116 East Little Creek Road                                                                        12p – 2-m

Norfolk, VA 23505                                                                                     Featuring

www.bookexchangenorfolk.com                                                          The Magic of Anthony Kolb

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