Handlettering Revisited

It was while planning this project some time was spent considering hand lettering; an idea that was dropped because it wasn’t apparent that I would be able to do that type of fine work without considerable practice when I broke my forearm. Thankfully in the last four months things have changed and I am currently … Continue reading Handlettering Revisited

Practice Makes Perfect

Looking back over some sketches I did while waiting at various places. Some are not bad at all. Deciding how to incorporate those images and finding the best ones for the story at hand is above my skill level at present. This is proving to take more time than I realized. Children faces aren’t easy. … Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect


So I am working on this drawing course, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (http://drawright.com). I bought the book, dvd, and the supplies because for me it was just easier. I have to tell you, I have been shocked at what I have accomplished thus far. I am no where near all the … Continue reading Drawing


What are you doing between Christmas and New Years? Myself? I am working on catching up those things which will make 2017 easier. Specifically, I am working on my drawing skills.  I picked up Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. This is a part of my effort to create better illustrations for … Continue reading Bonus

YEAH!!!!! Book Signing DONE!

Thanks to the Book Exchange of Norfolk! Well another year of book signings has begun. Not sure when or if this part of writing will ever become comfortable for me. Racks my nerves like a scary movie overtime. Meet some nice people. Saw my dream pair of running shoes, one of the children in the … Continue reading YEAH!!!!! Book Signing DONE!