#Rock My Ambidextrousness

Back in March, as fine motor skills returned to the hand of the broken arm, I was at odds. It took time to learn to draw left handed during physical therapy and recovery because the exercises to regain mobility fatigued my hand and arm. In order to get any illustration work done, there was no … Continue reading #Rock My Ambidextrousness

Handlettering Revisited

It was while planning this project some time was spent considering hand lettering; an idea that was dropped because it wasn’t apparent that I would be able to do that type of fine work without considerable practice when I broke my forearm. Thankfully in the last four months things have changed and I am currently … Continue reading Handlettering Revisited


So, many times closet cleaning has involved trying different methods, the latest craze was tried out of frustration. I don’t like cleaning. The less there is to clean the easier and faster it is. This new cleaning fad, that has been around for a while, finally caught up to me. Joy. Previously my most successful … Continue reading Joy

Routes, Maps, Paths, or How I Got Here

There are many career paths with predetermined points along the way. Then there are some that don’t. The arts definitely have both kinds of paths. The creative path tends to meander considerably, at least for me. Admittedly, coming off of nursing studies, with a straight forward check list and predetermined professional certification has been an … Continue reading Routes, Maps, Paths, or How I Got Here

Wild Tangent

  As you read this, I am starting my first day without my companion dog and running partner. Yes, it is a tough day. Not that many people would want to read a dog’s obituary every day— but wait, some people do read obituaries every day about people. So why not an obituary about a … Continue reading Wild Tangent

Personal Deadlines

So where did I expect to be by the end of February? My expectations were to have some of the page illustrations complete and be working on painting. Almost there, which is a relief. Another deadline that has come and barely completed at the end of January to have finish the Right Brain drawing book. Struggling … Continue reading Personal Deadlines

Busting The Zone

So, the first month of this new year, I have been busting my comfort zone on more than one level. From cessation of excess planning time to drawing and even completing writing projects for submission to competition, I am stepping outside my comfort zone. Talk about going the full mile! The submission was on time, … Continue reading Busting The Zone