Reading is a Rule

So, this is the second giveaway I am promoting. I have written and posted the policy on the about page, and I clarified the rules to enter. Already there are some post likes, but unfortunately that does not constitute an entry. Why? Because that doesn't necessarily give me a good email address to send the … Continue reading Reading is a Rule

February – Giveaway- How To Enter


As I have said before, Snowball is now an audio book. Very exciting Christmas for me, getting it all uploaded and available. Now I am finally getting around to playing at marketing. All trial and error on my part, I do not have this all figured out. But that plays into your hands, because I … Continue reading February – Giveaway- How To Enter


Here is a link to the audio book of Snowball done narrated and produced by Anna Grace Conover. Snowball the Audio Book                 Download an audiobook, ebook or print copy of Snowball  Free download sample on Amazon (click link above in blue) Check out both Snowball and Bad … Continue reading THE AUDIO BOOK IS HERE!

Being Brave

So, this morning I got a little more brave. First I received an email about the audio version of Snowball that is in production. (The release of the audio should be in 5-10 days.) If you want to check out the Instagram post by the producter/narrator Anna Grace Conover I am putting the link in … Continue reading Being Brave

Can’t Sleep Writing Blues

So, it's the middle of the night. Thoughts are swirling in my head. Story ideas and frustrations with figuring out how build a writing business are vying for my focus. I started with stories for children. This was not my comfort zone. Not my 'jam.' Telling bedtime stories for my children was sweet, we all … Continue reading Can’t Sleep Writing Blues

Better Writing

One of the ways that I try to improve my writing is by reading books. Using lists like the Time's 100 Best Children's Books of All Time is a great place to start. Choosing whatever your genre is, and reading the best stories has long been shared advice. Depending on your preferences, some may make a … Continue reading Better Writing