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Hello, my name is Julie Kolb. Nice to virtually meet you. I write. Thank you for reading!

A few years ago I started blogging as a way to get into a better writing habit. I have journaled for a long time, but long before that became a part of my day, I wrote imaginary stories. From the beginning those were just for me, until in high school.  My friends and I all wrote. We wrote stories and poetry. (I wrote really bad of both.)

After high school and college, I still wrote stories. Something in the news, or event in my life or those around me would inspire me to “what if” imagine. Sometimes I would take the time to write those imaginings down. Over the years, those stories filled a milk crate of notebooks and typed pages.

Then as my youngest child neared high school  I decided to go back to college and finish my degree, but instead of accounting or cosmetology, it would be ENGLISH. When I went to enroll I found that with my test scores and grades there were a lot of courses of study I could pursue. I hadn’t thought I was smart enough for nursing, but it had been a career I had considered in my twenties.

Since I could test for a spot in nursing school, I signed up to take it. I passed! I was so elated and surprised that I forgot for the moment all about writing. (Writing is my passion.) When I got my entry letter, I sat in my back yard and slowly page by page burned all those stories.

After finishing my first level of nursing courses and getting licensed I pursued the next level of nursing education while working. Sitting at a terminal writing up a patient report near Christmas with my military family members on leave waiting at home for me to get home, I realized my mistake.

Journaling got me through nursing school. And at that moment, sitting in front of the computer writing up that report, with a son and husband home on leave; it occurred to me, I could be home, writing, a story. I didn’t quit right away, but my heart was already out the door.  Before the next semester started I had a sit down talk with my family. I quit following up on my next nursing license education and my job.

Before I went to sign up for college, I had researched how other authors got started. I looked for colleges to attend to get a degree in writing, about the process of writing, marketing, sending query letters, and a lot more. One of the key elements is writing regularly. So, I took to blogging.

The following year one of my grandchildren found me huddled in the utility room writing in the middle of the night. After inquiring what I was doing, they asked if I would write them a story. Now, I wasn’t writing a story for a soon to be ten year old. And it took me nearly three years to write a story for a ten year old. Snowball was my first self published story.

You can read a sample of the first few pages of Snowball on this Amazon link here.

It is available in paperback and ebook.

A promise to my granddaughter for her tenth birthday was a story.  That story Snowball is available on Amazon.com (print and ebook).  The story is an easy to read chapter book about a little girl who helps her grandparents find out how their new puppy keeps getting out of the fence.  Aimee is smart, curious and compassionate, just like my granddaughter.

My granddaughter saw my sketches that wanted to show an artist as an example of what I was looking for to complement the chapters. She made a few critique suggestions and it became apparent that she expected my own work to be in the completed book.

My second book I published last year. A picture book that I illustrated,  It took three years to write. I tried to ride a mountain bicycle over some tree roots and broke my arm. To finish it I had to learn to draw with my non dominant in order to complete the story.

You can check out the picture book Bad Dreams on this Amazon link here. 

It is available in ebook, and paperback . A sample is available to view for free.

Bad Dream, a story about a little boy who has a bad dream and how his grandfather helps him deal with it. The grandfather helps the little boy see that things aren’t always as they seem and that a little bit of brave goes a long way.


The hours of a writer are long, like a nurse but the pay is definitely worse than a nurse. I suppose you could say even now at fifty, nursing is my fall back career (even if I didn’t acquire it until I was forty). But I am so much happier.

Currently I am working on a grown up story about, hmm . . . a G rated version . . . expectations.  Yes, that sums it up in one word.


Please take a look at the recent short story page.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!




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