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Hello, my name is Julie Kolb. Thank you for reading!

Long before writing became a part of my every day, I told imaginary stories to my children at bedtime. When my youngest was too old for bedtimes stories, I went back to writing stories for my own enjoyment. One of my grandchildren found me huddled in the utility room desk I had set up with my computer, writing late at night. After learning what I was doing, they asked if I would write them a story. That story for a ten year old granddaughter became Snowball, my first self published story. It is currently available in paperback and ebook currently at Amazon ( click here).

The story is an easy to read chapter book about a little girl who helps her grandparents find out how their new puppy keeps getting out of the fence.  Aimee is smart, curious and compassionate, just like my granddaughter. All hints of physical features are purposefully left out. Tweens should not be worrying about their appearance. What we should be commending them for is their compassion, intelligence, inquisitiveness, curiosity to find new solutions to problems they recognize.  That is what I tried to do with Snowball.

My second book I published an illustrated picture book, Bad Dream. The illustrations were drawn by me. It was started before a disastrous attempt at hopping tree roots on a mountain bicycle (wearing a helmet). After breaking my arm, came surgery to repair and learning how to use that hand all over again. Wanting to finish this book in a timely manner, I learned to use my non-dominant hand and completed and published it. It didn’t print very well, and I wasn’t as happy with the illustrations. It was the best I could do at the time, and given my fear of never creating another story, we published it anyway. Due to the subject matter and my situation at the time of the first publication, Bad Dream seemed exactly what I needed to publish

Bad Dream, a story about a little boy who has a bad dream and how his grandfather helps him deal with it. The grandfather helps the little boy see that things aren’t always as they seem and that a little bit of brave goes a long way.

Then came the big transfer from Createspace to Amazon’s buyout. Bad Dream wasn’t up to my expectations and neither stories were transferring without problems from to the other for the printed editions. So we pulled the print editions and began learning to book design using new software and eventually had Snowball back up and available in a second edition format.

Currently I am working on using digital means to make Bad Dream what I had hoped for originally. The hope is it will be available by end of this year (2019) or first of next (2020). So far the cover is finished and am putting the finishing touches on 2 of the illustrated pages. All print pages are complete. There are now approximately 15 illustrations left to start/finish (some are in various stages).

Also I am working on a grown up story about, hmm . . . a G rated version . . . expectations.  Yes, that sums it up in one word. To keep my stories for grown ups and children separate, that will be old under the pen name J. Kolb. (see some of my grownup stories over at www.j-kolb.com here on WORDPRESS)

Other stories are in various forms of progress, so don’t count me out of the writing game quite yet.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!




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