Hello, my name is Julie Kolb. Nice to virtually meet you.

A promise to my granddaughter for her tenth birthday was a story.  That story Snowball is available on Amazon.com (print and ebook).  The story is an easy to read chapter book about a little girl who helps her grandparents find out how their new puppy keeps getting out of the fence.  Aimee is smart, curious and compassionate.

Currently working on a picture book about having a bad dream.  Look around at the blog posts you will see some of the illustrations and how the work on the book is progressing.

You can read a sample of the first few pages on this Amazon link here.

We have t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts on Cafepress here.

kolbtshirts cafepress

If you are in Southern Illinois you can pick a print copy at these locations.

The Bookworm                                     Vienna Town Square Mall Antiques & More

618 East Walnut                                  114 North Fourth Street

Eastgate Shopping Center                On the Court House Square

Carbondale, IL                                     Vienna, IL



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