Hello, my name is Julie Kolb. Nice to virtually meet you. I write. Thank you for reading!

Currently I am working on a grown up story about, hmm . . . a G rated version . . . expectations.  Yes, that sums it up in one word.

You can check out the picture book Bad Dreams on this Amazon link here. 

It is available in ebook, and paperback . A sample is available to view for free.

Bad Dream, a story about a little boy who has a bad dream and how his grandfather helps him deal with it. I learned how to draw in order to again make a book the was completed by me. Look around at the blog posts you will see some of the illustrations and how the work on the book is progressing.

You can read a sample of the first few pages of Snowball on this Amazon link here.

It is available in paperback and ebook.

A promise to my granddaughter for her tenth birthday was a story.  That story Snowball is available on Amazon.com (print and ebook).  The story is an easy to read chapter book about a little girl who helps her grandparents find out how their new puppy keeps getting out of the fence.  Aimee is smart, curious and compassionate.

If you are in Southern Illinois you can pick up a print copy of Snowball at these locations.

The Bookworm                                     Vienna Town Square Mall Antiques & More

618 East Walnut                                  114 North Fourth Street

Eastgate Shopping Center                On the Court House Square

Carbondale, IL                                     Vienna, IL


In an effort to improve skills, these are classes and activities that you might find helpful as well. They are not owned or operated by me, but I have participated in them and found them helpful myself. IWP and PiBoIdMo are free to participate. Children’s Book Academy does require a fee that I found was in line with the quality of the course material, presentation and educational value – well worth what I spent.

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