Count down to the end of this blog

By the end of October, this site will be gone.

Recently we sat down to discussed the good and bad about our business. We decided to consolidate locations on the internet. This week and then next few we will be deciding what we will move from our wordpress sites to the new site. (Kolb Web Inc) It is like moving into a new home. What color do we want to paint the walls, what furniture from the old place will work and what new pieces do we want to add.

This will be my last post here. You should see a new post on the new site by the first of November. My focus has been on redrawing the picture book. While it was the best I could do while I was recovering from the broken forearm, it did not meet my original vision. This new version in the work is slowly getting there. It is taking me longer than I want it to. But, the results of the extra time are proving to be worth it to me. I hope you will find that as well when you see it.

As far as the new site, my plan is to have the first post there on by julie kolb   page by November 1st. See you there soon!





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