2nd Edition Available

No, it isn’t that big of a deal to the world, but in my tiny speck of it, this is major. Stopped mid ‘editing and lost count of rewriting’ on the grownup fiction tale to ensure that the two children books previously published returned to being available in both ebook and print. This was back in August 2018.

Now the first book, Snowball, finally approved by the Zon, for print again. It was a curse and a blessing. Gained software skills that were nonexistent and faced facts about my storytelling ability.

Besides being told that the print files weren’t transferable, this whole experience of getting the story and illustrations into a useable file clarified my fears and defined them to me. That is always the first step in conquering fear; name and define it. Sure it sounds easy, many initial steps give that impression of being easy.

For sometime grammar, punctuation, self reliance, and confidence have been my big narly monsters. They haven’t been slayed but they have some major gaping critical wounds. The other biggie maybe be likened to an immortal presence looming over my shoulder, otherwise known as opinions.

Reminded of a recent interview on one of those tv industry magazines with Celine (was good to hear a woman of her talent and accomplishment comment about criticism) —if you like, she is there; if you don’t then leave her alone. Agreed.

Let me go one better, if you can do better than me, then stop reading and get your rear in gear and do it. If writing isn’t your thing, then find your thing and go do it! Don’t waste your time nitpicking me.

Or in my version of Celine’s remark, “if you like read, if you don’t go read someone else. There are plenty of writers writing for you to find one you enjoy. If not? Well, then maybe you need to try writing for yourself.”



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