Happy Fourth Anniversary

In just a little over a month the fourth anniversary of Snowball’s print release will occur. In my mind there were big plans. Plans for t-shirts and other swag to celebrate. Whether that or anything like it happens is up in the air.

I am in the middle of trying to finish my story for grown ups, a story that has been in the works for since 2011 or so.  I stopped it to write Snowball. Snowball took me two years to put in print. Bad Dreams took me a little over three years.

Once the work-in-progress is between covers, other stories are lurking in my personal slush pile vying for me to finish and publish. (Slush piles are unsolicited stories sent to publishers that typically have astronomical* odds of ever being published -* according to a 1982 New York Times article by Edwin McDowell). There is a toss up between the second illustrated book and a young adult tale that was workshopped in a creative fiction class.

But back to the point. It is the fourth anniversary and the book (Thank You!) is still selling. I am quite stunned actually. It wasn’t an aspect of writing that I ever thought about, this having a book much less two books in print. My focus has been trying to get what I like to call the magical six (the number of books you can see on your computer screen when you search for an author on the internet).

My fingers will be glued to the keyboard in an effort to get the story finished so that it can go to beta readers in July. If, and that is a ginormous if, that happens, we may see what we can do about some anniversary swag.

My thanks again to those still finding Snowball to read. I thank you so much for giving her a chance.

Happy summer reading!



One thought on “Happy Fourth Anniversary

  1. Wow! It’s already been 4 years?? Time certainly flies these days. I am still amazed at my age.. time and other things I look back on and wonder where it all went.
    Congrats on all the new/old work that you have going. You can do it! I have faith! 😉



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