Remodel Shock

I really wish we could have foreseen her reaction. Filming the Daisy Mae and her first glimpse of the kitchen in midst of being remodeled after sleeping through all of our work one day, it would have been a hit video on the web.

You know the saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie?”

Well, we did. All day she slept. Totally oblivious to the noises from the next room. She’d had breakfast, been outside and was not having to fight humans or fellow furry four leggers for room on the couch. She dozed, a lot. I do recall a few water breaks and outside time, but you know I don’t think she really paid us much attention.

We finished up the days work. I mean, we had had furniture moved and had painted the living room the day before, so things were exactly “normal.” Nor had they been for a couple of days. So we really didn’t think anything of preparing Daisy Mae for any sudden change in decor or room arrangement, but we wanted to clean up a bit and straighten, you know prep for the next day by getting the finished projects that day out of the way.

Then my husband and I start getting supper ready. Somewhere around mid meal preparation, the odor of cooking food brings the vegged out English Bull Dog alive! She decides it is time to saunter in the kitchen, be all cute, and see if she can snag so taste testing nibbles out of us.

She gets in the kitchen – just past the doorway. We are talking all four feet on the flour. We hear the toenails on the linoleum. For some reason we all look over at her. She looks up and around the kitchen and no lie – she was STARTLED! Up in the air went the less than petite girl. All four paws and legs fly out from underneath her as she just drops, belly to the floor.

The husband, the daughter and I all look at each other and then her. She’s still laying there. Eyes closed. Then we rush in to check on her. Is she breathing? Did we scare the life out of her literally?

She opens her eyes, it seems like one at a time, checking the to see if she really saw what she saw. Timidly she opens them both and as my husband reaches down to pet her, she pops up, ready for some puppy love. She gave what I imagined was a critical glance about the room. Wondering, I guess where her food and water bowl were. My husband baby talked to her, showing her that her bowls were all still there. We hadn’t really changed where she ate and drank. That was it, she was good.



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