Being Off The Net

It was very nice, and created chaos as well.

We had an epic internet outage and with inability to get a fulfilled service call, we called it quits and went hunting a new ISP. Found and set up, all good.


The plans we had made for the spring created a bit more chaos as well. Remodeling and painting was the plan. No, that isn’t new eye shadow, that is the living room contrast color.

Some rooms went way ahead of schedule, others have dragged on and took up the days we were ahead of schedule. Just phase two of the making life more joy full. Over Christmas, I went through the house storage areas, pulled everything out and sorted according to need and want. Then put back in that order to the point that space was filled but not cluttered.

At that point I started checking each left over item versus what was already in a place. Did it out value something I thought I wanted to keep? Was it more important? Which was easily replaceable? One by one, every left over checked against what was being kept. Where did it rank in being ready to go to a new home, or did something that I thought was important need to move on.

Downsized? No, it learning to stage my own home that I live in. One thing about those remodel and renovate shows on television. They do all this structure work, but it is still the team that comes in to stage the place that make all that work look really good. So, why can’t I or anyone else do that? Can’t think of a reason, can you?

So, that has distracted me from drawing, writing and work working. Instead I am remodel, redecorating work, and watching a lot of those house shows. I mean A LOT.


3 thoughts on “Being Off The Net

  1. Remodeling, redecorating can be a chore. Good to find the positives in it. My excuse for not writing is school for a little while longer. I have 10 days left until I am done with the semester. I have one major project and 2 finals left and then I am good until August. Now to make sure I use my time wisely… whatever that means! 😉


      1. I was done May 2. I will only have a break until July 9. Taking a summer class so it will be easier this fall. Wayne is returning to school as well. Doing a Master’s program thru John Hopkins starting Sept. Yeha! I will be done in May ’19 but he will be in school 22 months…



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