I got a question.


In the coming weeks I have some questions I want to ask you, reader.

First off, do you read both this and the grown up blog? Any opinion or suggestion on merging the two? Not sure how I would do that, but it is something that has been making me rethink how I set this up. Two blogs, two facebook and all things in two – Julie Kolb and J. Kolb.

I thought it would make it easier to tell right away whether or not the story was appropriate for a child or an adult. It sounds like a great idea. The actual working it is proving a little fragmented for me. Though, as a mom, and grandmother, I do have an appreciation for the concept.

So, please, answer, and if you have a comment, put your two cents in.

Read on!



2 thoughts on “I got a question.

  1. My thought is.. who is reading your two blogs? If it is pretty much the same people then it would make sense to put it into one blog to make less work on you. To those of us who read both blogs, it can get confusing… I personally would like to only get email from one or the other, but I am fine either way. 🙂



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