Daisy Mae & Me

Daisy Mae is my eldest son’s dog. She is currently under the guardianship of my daughter, his sister. Daisy Mae and I coexist.

Being told no one time is her limit, two is one too many times. I learned this lesson the hard way. Daisy Mae is a firm teacher.

The first time of the day was lunch. I told her no licking the frozen dinner container. (The food had too much salt for her, and me too probably.) She was so sad.

My second ‘no’ of the day was when she wanted to ride to the post office. Since it was the first of several stops, and we wouldn’t be back for hours, it was no. She walked back towards the couch, stopped and looked back over her shoulder at us with an expression that resembled disgust.


One. One is her limit. She ate my library book. There were other things laying next the book on the bed. She touched none of those. She ate the library book. The ‘new to the library’ library book.

daisy-ate-book book



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