This week pictures previously drawn on a tentative picture book about dragons were in my hands twice. Nothing more than moving them from one place to another, but they were ‘active’ for brief moments twice. That is far better than the last six months.

It occurred to me that my places to work on illustrations as well as writing have diminished over the years. I have tried desperately to make this passion a business. Set myself up with work hours and spaces that really have confined my creativity instead of blossoming it.

This has got to stop. Now! We made some changes, for now and in the future about that critical ingredient to creativity – environment. Something as simple as the chair you sit in, the ability to move, have all your accruements within easy reach. One aspect we haven’t quite gotten right is sound.

When I wrote Snowball, it was on my computer, sitting at a wooden student desk crammed in the utility room, “ala Stephen King.” Bad Dream was written and drawn all over the place. No room in the house or even state in the union was off limits. It was written, rewritten, revised, even sketched in doctor’s waiting rooms and some ideas came to me laying in the hospital recovering from repair surgery on my arm.

Both took two years of work to get from written to published. This next tale is dragging along just like the first two, only I have set my own date of October this year to publish. Whether or not that will happen is solely put to me.

While some my say my work ethic has a play meeting that release date, truth is so much goes into that. For years my husband has been determined to return to performing illusions, magic – but he didn’t seem to be making as much headway and was so frustrated. We shared that. In the last few months we had taken to discussing why neither of us was making headway with our plans for making our passions our business. His enlightened observation was he missed a key piece of equipment that would make not only practice but performing easy. A traveling box/table combo that had eluded him. Not something one wants to buy sight unseen, yet the supply stores we visited from Virginia to California and Texas to Illinois had non to be seen- until Maryland.

A big thank you from my heart to yours Denny Haney. Denny & Lee’s Magic Studio had just what he had been searching for so long. Since the apparatus had arrived (had to be shipped – too large for our travel plans) Friday and once the hubby was home from his paying gig, the man has been piddling and practicing.

Now, if I can just set myself up to do the same for my side of things, this might be a happily ever after story.



One thought on “Sunday

  1. How cool for Tony! And you have set reasonable goals. You can do it!
    I have not been making time to write. I have been spending a great deal of time reading and studying for school. At some point I will no longer be able to use that as an excuse. Wayne has decided to go back to school this fall and get an MBA so we will both be in school…yeha! Everything for his degree, and mine, here on out is online… it’s going to be a long 2 years *sigh* but I am sure it will go by fast if the last 30 are any indication…

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