Happy March?

Hello, my faithful followers!

I have sad news.

I could not verify either of the comments that Aksmet caught as spam, so maybe it really was spam, or they live in a country other than the U. S. (A stipulation in the rules on the about page at the bottom)

Since I couldn’t give away those five audiobook links, I have started another run at it and placed the post as a sticky so that any newbies to the site will see the information about the Snowball giveaway.

It has been a busy year thus far. I have started work on a more grown up project, and am still doodling on another picture book – I learned a lot about putting together a picture book with BAD DREAM, so I hope the second one is much better than the first.

One thing in particular, I started learning to drawn digitally! It is really different from using pencil and paper, but my understanding is that the images will be much sharper and brighter than a digital photographed images, and possibly easier to work with print on demand software. There is always something new to learn, which is really neat!

Bad Dream still holds a special place in my heart because the struggle to complete it was pretty daunting sometimes. I debated over holding off the publication, sometimes don’t we all need to turn something in and move on? You struggle, do the best you can but it still isn’t perfect. That for me was Bad Dream. I needed to finish it and put it out there regardless of how it compares to how I imagined it would look and read. Given all that was going on, it means just as much as Snowball to me.

Just getting started writing is hard, but doing a second book after all the emotional ups and downs and frustrations of the first – the second was harder than the first in some ways. I haven’t given up on this writing thing yet! Now I am working on the third children’s – another picture book and a first grownup (my fourth book) at the same time.

Boy at the first of 2018, I thought about what an adventure the year will be. Here we are starting the third month and it already has been for me! More will come on that later in the month. Until next post –

Thanks for reading!




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