Contest of Sorts

Over on my Facebook Page there is a contest for a free download of Snowball- the audiobook.

Facebook Page Post

I put the instructions to “Like, Share and Comment” for the entry. Can I make it any clearer? That is three things to do.

1. Like the post.

2. Share the post.

3. Comment on the post.

To date, there are quite a few “Likes.”

As of this moment 4 “Shares.”

And absolutely 0 “Comments.”

This contest ends on January 15th. What am I going to do if no one follows all the directions?



3 thoughts on “Contest of Sorts

    1. Al, I will be opening a contest here on the blog after I close the Facebook one for a free audio download. So, not to worry. I have thought about how people use the internet and the different social sites, so I am planning on offering a variety of giveaways but not all at once. I am just not that coordinated to manage more than one at a time.:)

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