You Have My Attention

For a few minutes.

Today is as I posted on the ‘other blog’ busy. The whole week is busy. This month feels really busy.

Soon I anticipate telling you Snowball, the audio version will be available. I have to do some work advertising for it as well as working on details that I need to know before I work on more scenes for the older book that is my current work in progress.

This last year I have meet some really awesome writers who are as new to this business as I am. Some newer, some more seasoned, but some really excellent writers. I feel blessed to be getting to know them. In many I am just in awe of their abilities and skills, both in the writing area and their business acumen.

Unfortunately, as much as I would rather be working on something for you to read, I have this list growing ever longer of things that have to be done on a timetable that will require me to push writing for you off. Things that absolutely have to be done so that I can write for you.

And my blasted activity tracker just went off telling me to move. So I really have to get up from my chair and get cracking on that list. I hope to make some time to work on storytelling today. Writing is a lot like an addiction, I get pretty cranky when I don’t get to sit down to work on a story – whether it is a scene or developing a character profile to help with a scene needed to fill in a storyline hole that I just noticed, or something that I am not sure where it is going to go until the project I further along.

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful Thursday, and that Friday turns out to be better than any of us hoped!




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