Maybe Not Writing Today

Nope. I may get around to writing in another hour or two, but not so far today. My hour of writing for the purpose of storytelling and producing books is off today. Shortly after coffee this morning I noticed we were low on bread. Oh, the drama of being out of bread!

A week ago some sourdough starter had been concocted and was ready to be made into dough. Hmm, timing was perfect, don’t you think? It has been some years since I made bread regularly. Sometime back in the late 80’s, it was a twice weekly thing because we lived where and when the price of bread was ridiculous. The cost of two weeks of homemade bread including the utilities to bake it was equivalent to the price of one loaf of store bought -for a young family it was a no-brainer.

To write, or make bread, not a difficult decision. I made bread. Though, now, sitting here defending my decision to do so, that will most likely have to count for my hour of writing. This counts, right? It isn’t getting that grown up story further along, but my thinking is a little bread and butter would make a nice snack tomorrow after writing for an hour. Besides, the loaves in the oven are producing an intoxicating fresh baked bread scent that is wafting in, not exactly inspiring me to work on the WIP (Work In Progress).

See what I mean? Doesn’t it look like bread and butter time?


2 thoughts on “Maybe Not Writing Today


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