Can’t Sleep Writing Blues

So, it’s the middle of the night. Thoughts are swirling in my head. Story ideas and frustrations with figuring out how build a writing business are vying for my focus.

I started with stories for children. This was not my comfort zone. Not my ‘jam.’ Telling bedtime stories for my children was sweet, we all enjoyed it. But that was for us. I will finish my project for children, eventually. The stories for the most part are already in rough form and waiting to be written.

But for right now, I want to get back into my world of writing. I felt very restricted writing children.  Lower word counts and consideration for the level of comprehension, as well as subject matter all together are quite a set of boundaries to write within. Especially writing for a general audience!

When I told those bedtimes stories it was in the moment and for them exclusively. I knew my audience well. Writing for a broad audience that I never met, well, that has been like writing in the dark with no light on to see whether the pen is on the paper because the power was out and you couldn’t use the computer. Doesn’t sound easy does it?

It’s been a tough five years with only two books to show for it.  I want to spend some time in my comfort zone for a story and relax. Who knows, maybe that will make me a better children’s writer.

I can tell you for certain the challenges of writing for children has made me a better author. I am far more comfortable critiquing my own work as well as how to listen to others critic it. How to step away before I edit and get some distance from the story.  How to let it go when it has reached the best I can do.

Maybe in the coming posts I will toss some short stories out and see how they are received. Might come up with some new stories to polish and work on in the future. Definitely will keep you up on how the current project is going and when I will be starting on another children’s story.

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Can’t Sleep Writing Blues

  1. Interesting. You wrote this in the middle of the night and I am reading it in the middle of the night *sigh* You may only have two books in two years but you are more committed than I have been. Keep up the good work. 😉



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