Better Writing

One of the ways that I try to improve my writing is by reading books. Using lists like the Time’s 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time is a great place to start. Choosing whatever your genre is, and reading the best stories has long been shared advice. Depending on your preferences, some may make a connection, and others not be worth your time.

Personally, I think about what catches my interest and ask myself – how did they do that? At odds with this is how I really judge a book. Can I keep that analytical question forefront every time I pick the book up to read? Books that I forget my purpose and get totally wrapped up in the story, one that may take more than one read through before I can remember to analyze the writing, that is one to study.

Problem? Even when I did find a a story that has that affect, and tried to duplicate someone else’s success, it didn’t worked. I ended up tossing the effort. Because it was a lot like trying to write a boring assignment that I had no interest in.

So, in Snowball, and now in Bad Dream, I wrote with purpose and passion. I was absolutely terrified to publish Snowball. It is difficult to put your work out there for others to scrutinize and reject. I certainly haven’t regretted it.

Happy reading,




2 thoughts on “Better Writing

  1. I admire your ability to make yourself vulnerable and get your work published. It is a scary thing to put your stuff out there for others to criticize and scrutinize. I’m so glad you have not regretted it!! Here’s to many more successful publications!! 🍻 💘



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