Posting, Again.

Good grief!

I am trying twice a week posting.

This was something that when I first started I did . . . daily! Oh, my! That was just too, too much for me as a writer, and my husband knows I delete many daily blogs that come to my email every day, because it is just too much for me to read everyday. (Sorry Dunc, if it doesn’t catch my eye in the title, it goes to the trash.) That’s the honest truth, but I don’t want my posts to end up in the delete bin!


I also don’t want to post dribble and repetitive stuff, which is why I went down to weekly. My eldest born adult advised me to increase back up to daily. I split the diff and decided twice a week was good enough.  We will see how that goes.

For now, I am still wrestling with scheduling time to write, time to market via social media (and still have an unbelievable learning curve that I keep slipping off of), and I really want to watch Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, This Is Us, and Austin Rogers on Jeopardy.  Eight hours of sleep sounds heavenly to me, as does some time to try to exercise so sitting my rump in this chair doesn’t make my fat cells become accustomed to a larger size.

For those of you who have noticed the annoying to me pop up we installed to sign up for emails, don’t fret. You won’t be getting emails every single time I post. I am saving those for my supporter fans, so you might want to get on that list. My feeling on that is that I will email out to them the free stuff and limited time offers and you know the really good deals before I put them out to the masses of the inter webs.  Kind of a thank you for supporting me from the get go.

Speaking of which, had a long talk with my “TEAM”, aka D’Family.  They all are in agreement that it is time I stop playing around and act like this is my job, because well, it is. Several are have seen the number of stories I have on the back burner and haven’t finished and their raised eyebrows just tell me that I need to get cracking on my list of tales to tell.

So, I have to get myself organize and geared up. I have a lot of work to do.

Find the positive in the day and hold it close. Do what I am doing – I am making that my carrot on a stick and holding it in front of me!

My Carrot on a stick.

Thanks for reading!

Love ya!





3 thoughts on “Posting, Again.

  1. Glad you are posting more on a regular basis again. I know you are glad to have your book finished also. Since school keeps me busy, my posting is on hold for now. I do keep up with a couple of my blog friends…and you of course, but any posting I do will either be sporadic or not at all until next summer because even the holidays are crazy. 🙂



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