Bad Dreams

So the stats for the free ebook give away was better than the stats of the release of Snowball. (Which by the way is in the works to be an audio book, Snowball, that is.) So while, it may not seem like a lot is going on behind the blog, it is.

The first week of October was spent working on social media presence. Some media I have had for years, but didn’t do much with it. Others are new, and even some of those I have had for years have meant a reacquaintance with.

So, here are the links to those other places you can find me

Twitter  @byjuliekolb

Pinterest Julie Kolb 

Facebook  Julie Kolb 

Tumblr byjuliekolb

Instagram byjuliekolb 

Google+ Julie Kolb 

Linked In Julie Kolb 

And currently my project in the works will be written under the J. Kolb name because I want to distinguish the more mature material from that for strictly children. This is for the grownups that pay for the children books.  Not forgetting the young ones, I am working on a freebie giveaway during this time that I hope will be a downloadable and print, “cut and staple” booklet.

Thanks for reading!

Love ya,




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