Since I am going to be begging and pleading for book reviews on Bad Dream, thought a post on leaving reviews would be helpful.

Here is a link to a college (Purdue) website about writing a book review for those who want to take a more literary, critique type approach. For those who want to write for Amazon, here is a link to a likely checklist (Huffington Post, )  And lastly the easiest to read and clearest checklist (Wikihow).

My personal favorite means of reviewing a book are asking myself the same questions asked of my beta readers  My answers to them help me form the review My check list for this is as follows.

  1. Read the book.
  2. My feelings about what I read
    1. Did I like it?
    2. Did I not understand it?
    3. Did I dislike it?
    4. Did I hate it?
  3. Did I finish the entire book?
    1. IF no, when did I quit reading and why?
  4. After reading, would I recommend others to buy this book, or would I just give away my copy because they don’t need to waste their money, too? Or is this so good, I wouldn’t let anyone even borrow it for fear of having to find another copy again?
  5. And if I am really in a sharing mood, what would I share with my bestie to make her/him read this book?

That’s it! It is that simple. For those of you unfamiliar with how all this works, reviews help authors gain more readers. More readers, even those giving away free books, help keep their work toward the top of the webpages, and in circulation.  It helps in promoting their work. A very nice thing to do.

Penny For Your Thoughts

One last thing, for those who leave reviews for me, thank you. I truly appreciate your taking time out of your life to review one of my stories. It is an honor to have entertained you.

Love ya,




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