#Rock My Ambidextrousness

Back in March, as fine motor skills returned to the hand of the broken arm, I was at odds. It took time to learn to draw left handed during physical therapy and recovery because the exercises to regain mobility fatigued my hand and arm. In order to get any illustration work done, there was no choice but to learn to draw left handed. In fact, typing one handed was frustrating and using voice recognition software to transcribe was not fun either. I ended up writing by hand quite a bit. That made transcribing one handed, and as I was able to type with two hands, much easier. If the injured arm hand got tired, no biggie it was already written down.

But as the nerves and muscles started talking and working together and strength and stamina returned, the prospect of handwriting was now an option. Though the script was shaky, I found a very cool way to practice letting my creativity flow and keep the away the drudgery.

Now as I share, let me say that this is already a very popular party that I arrived late to, but just incase you don’t know about it let me share for you to check out.

There is a youtube video that explains it –
A Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/RockYourHandwriting/

The organizers are:
Kim at TinyRayofSunshine.com www.tinyrayofsunshine.com
Kara at BoHoBerry.com bohoberry.com
Dee at DecadeThiry.com decadethirty.com
Jessica at Prettyprintsandpaper.com prettyprintsandpaper.com

You can find the monthly prompts at Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Posting on Facebook, pin interest and Instagram with the hashtag rock your handwriting (#rockyourhandwriting)

Check it out.


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