Fickle Relationships

Each morning during my coffee ministrations a reluctant Daisy Mae, in disbelief of day break, slowly saunters in the kitchen squinting her eyes in rejection of morning. She waits patiently for me to acknowledge her presence; if not quick enough she sighs heavily as her patience wains. Checking her water bowl’s level to fill, when I prepare her food during her morning airing, I make my way around her to the back door.

She waddles over to the back door and stands, sighing in preparation to meet the outdoors, yet again. She stays back from the door’s swing inward and won’t move forward until the storm dorm is swung outward far enough that she can see the yard before her. Taking only as many steps as necessary to feel the air temperature waft into the room, she waits to judge the weather and temperature. This may take a few minutes for her to decide if they meet her requirements.

Daisy Mae’s weather and temperature requirements are quite specific. It cannot be too cold, or warm. She prefers a nice sun shiny day over cloudy, even with the right temperature. The right combination can have her suddenly rush forward playfully, happy for the day. Others, those so far from her favored conditions they are reduced to a snort, she turns from the door and plods back to bed.

My dog experience had been quite limited until Daisy Mae. Never had a pooch that would go back to bed without me. But, Daisy will do just that. This very morning with the temperature in the mid thirties, sun shining brightly was not approved. She stopped mid way through the kitchen.

Grabbing my coffee as I made my way around her standing in the kitchen, I sat to enjoy my morning cup of joe on the recliner. Daisy decided to come join me, but seeing there was not enough room with me, the cup and the journal across my lap was just too much. She walked past the empty couch, blanket on the floor and went back to bed.

There is a huffing sound coming from the bedroom as she hoists herself on to the trunk at the foot of the bed, her self appointed step-stool. Just to be sure, I sneak back to see where she was. Yep, she is back asleep on the bed.



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