So, I could be running errands today, and may still, but I won’t be out and about alone, if I go.
My son’s dog, Daisy Mae, is frightened by storms. This knowledge was somewhere in the back of my brain, but it wasn’t exactly first hand knowledge as to how badly storms scared her, not until some time between 2 and 3 a.m.

There was a very loud, BOOM! The thunderclap sounded like it was outside the window. It could have been over the house, around the house, next door, doesn’t matter where it came from, it came. It woke me up, or rather it woke Daisy, who in turn woke me.

Before we went to bed my feet were cold, this was mentioned aloud by me to Daisy. As in, “If you’d like to sleep on my feet, I’d like that, my feet are cold, Daisy.” A few minutes after closing my eyes, my feet felt something heavy on them. Raising my head up to look down at a furry white and black blob half on and mostly next to my feet; I petted her and told her thanks before laying back down.

Then that loud noise woke either one or both of us up. Daisy Mae moved close to my face, her hot breath on my cheek wouldn’t have allowed me to sleep through the storm, and she just sat there on the bed, breathing on me. The next boom wasn’t quite so intense, but she moved closer still, nearly sitting on my chest.

I patted her head and coo’d to her like you would a child. In a few minutes she snuggled down right up against me. We eventually both feel back asleep and woke late in the morning.

Now with coffee, contemplating the day and what needs to be done, it is very apparent just how frightened Daisy Mae is. She hasn’t let me leave her in a room alone. She wouldn’t go outside by herself either. Only when she saw me pick up the laptop to write did she decided that my position was permanent enough she could curl up on the couch and try to catchup on the sleep she lost last night, staying within arms reach.

So whatever I do today, she will be with me. If any errands are run, she is running them with me. We have a forecast of scattered storms today, and since there isn’t anything pressing to be done that precludes an unwelcome dog, it just doesn’t seem right to make her stay home alone in stormy weather.



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