Practice Makes Perfect

Looking back over some sketches I did while waiting at various places. Some are not bad at all. Deciding how to incorporate those images and finding the best ones for the story at hand is above my skill level at present. This is proving to take more time than I realized.

Children faces aren’t easy. Found some that were done while practicing new techniques during a picture book course. Very pleased then, and now with some of them. Whether or not I can produce better will be determined in the coming weeks, so it maybe a mishmash of old and new sketches that are pulled together to complete the story.

Taking pictures of the sketches I like before I begin painting or should I say attempting to paint incase they don’t turn out well. That way the decent sketches can be used as a back up plan or even maybe try computer generation coloring. It really boils down to what appeals to me.

This is hard and sometimes I want to quit or postpone my project. I have accomplished far more than I thought was possible. In a couple of weeks coloring the illustrations will start. Practicing with paint mixing and using the brushes is my secondary task each day now.

My respect for artists who can create the images in their minds for us all to view on canvas and paper has grown tremendously. They are amazing. Now, looking at real art, my response is, “WOW!”



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