Daisy Mae and Me

Daisy Mae and I have coexisted for several years now. Daisy is much more easy going than I am, but even she has her limits. Every so often I discover the location of those limits.

Lately, Daisy and I have been morning the loss of our companion, Robin, my dog that crossed the bridge last month. She seems to sense when I am missing my lab mix and gets as close to me as she can and kisses me.

Daisy’s kisses aren’t the typical dog slobbering lick that many dogs do. Not that she doesn’t lick, but that’s licking. Her kisses are daintier and intentional; they are a delicate touch of her mouth to my mouth or face. If either is out of reach she will paw me to bend closer.

When it seems to me she is missing her big sister, she gets as close as possible to me. Meaning that close could be the same thing as standing on top of me, whether I am sitting, laying, or even standing. Standing with an English Bull Dog’s paw on your foot means something, not always sure I understand what it means. All this being on top of me started after Robin’s passing.

Could be wrong. But right now she is laying next to me on the loveseat, snoring away. She’s moved from room to room with me today. This is a new thing, she did’t always follow me. That was Robin’s responsibility. If Daisy Mae was comfortable and my activities took me to another room, she might acknowledge my leave taking or return by raising her head, but she didn’t get up and follow me around.

In the last few weeks, without Robin here, she has begun to take on the role of my companion. Each passing day, she makes her location the same room as mine, if not within arms reach. The later is slowing becoming more common than not.



  1. Dogs are interesting creatures aren’t they?? After we lost Nash, Pookie and Parker wouldn’t eat for 2 days. It took them several weeks before they started acting “normal” again but there are days I swear Parker is channeling Nash… a look, a sound he makes and even the way he cocks his head. He didn’t do any of those things until after his big brother passed. I’m glad you still have Daisy Mae 🙂 M<3



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