So, many times closet cleaning has involved trying different methods, the latest craze was tried out of frustration. I don’t like cleaning. The less there is to clean the easier and faster it is. This new cleaning fad, that has been around for a while, finally caught up to me. Joy.

Previously my most successful method of thinning the household was giving three good reasons to keep it and one of them could NOT be – I got it as a gift. The dent it made was the greatest, until now.

It started with going through my clothes. Yes, before I heard the audio book. I read briefly what I found on my internet search of the method. It really cleaned out my closet and dresser. Pleased with the results, I went through the kitchen. Still delighted, I then got the audio download of the book, Joy of Tidying .

My hubs and I listened to the book together at bedtime. Heck of a bedtime story, it took a few nights longer than necessary because to be honest, we did fall asleep. But we have been going through our things.

This joy thing? OH, MY! I threw out bags . . . No wait, I don’t mean little bathroom trash bags. No, I mean the big bags. Bigger than the tall kitchen bags, the really big yard bags. The most I got in one day so far was four. Most days clearing out there is one to two of those big bags. Even some furniture items have gone looking for new homes.

Thats how well this joy thing works. I will admit that I had to retrieve the broom from the trash because the direct link to joy was not immediately identified. It does indeed bring me joy, in the form of a clean house. So, fair warning here, cautiously thin your cleaning supplies and housekeeping accouterments.

This process does prove to take longer time frame than the other methods. It isn’t a method that one can sustain interest and emotional connection for hours on end. A couple hours at a time is max, depending on how emotional the area or type of items. (It helps to pull all the like items of one category from various places through out the home into a pile.) That adds time required to gather those items. However, this does make the tossing out a lot easier when you see how much of one thing/category/type of stuff that has amassed a presence in the home.

I have put aside the process and give myself a break here and there. So the time frame Marie Kondo speaks of is probably far more accurate than I originally thought. She suggested six months, if my memory is correct. I believe it.

This joy thing is complicated and emotional but also a productive way to thin the amount of stuff in my home. I like it.

There is room to draw now, keeping up with ideas and writing has time and place in my home.  It isn’t just time you have to make for your passion, you have to make space for it as well.


One thought on “Joy

  1. Cleaning out your closet and decluttering has a wonderful visceral effect. It not only declutters your house, it declutters you mind and opens up breathable spaces to think more clearly. I hate to clean also, but I like a clean house. I get lazy but I can’t deal with it for long. After a while, I HAVE to clean because I can’t take it anymore. The clutter drives me nuts! My project this summer is to tackle the storage room above the garage. Out of sight, out of mind…. but it’s time and I already have a plan. Proud of you! I know you have to feel better!! 🙂



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