Acrylic Paints

While drawing illustrations, also am learning to use acrylics. Like anything new, to become familiar with a skill, some study and practice time has to be squeezed in. (Youtube is a plethora of sources of information on this subject as well.)

While it would be nice to go to a paint class, (if one fits in my scheduled – count me there), the publishing deadline can’t keep waiting. I have to play/practice on my own. Luckily my daughter is an artist and has worked in acrylics before. She is “coaching” me, through terminology and techniques.

Finding the right technique to go with the desired visual look with my beginner skill for the final illustrations is difficult. Maybe frustrating is a better word. Struggling between inexperience and determination is sheer will that will achieve the outcome. Excited to finally be on track.

Perspective of an image, the angle of viewing, can be just as critical as the visual imagery itself. Are you looking up, or down? What is in focus, is there anything out of focus? And if so, how much out of focus? The chosen colors and hues can convey much, initiating a bit of emotional response.

Nuances that writers work with and try out, have their own visual counterparts. This brings another layer to my work. What can be shown visually, leaves more space on the page for the written words to add another layer (or vice-versa).

My appreciation for visual artists has grown and become more complex. Now, looking at visual art, my thought process at each viewing encompasses the time it might have taken to produce, wondering how many times and perspectives might the artist have gone through to get to here. What was the inspiration for this piece?

On more than one occasion, my mind has wandered to consider whether or not drawing and painting will continue to be a part of my creative outlet once these projects are complete. The honest answer is, I don’t know.



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