While my daughter was gone on vacation, Daisy Mae and me spent all our time together. Ok, so, it was Daisy Mae who spent all her time with me.

Normally, when my agenda has me out and about, Daisy has the companionship of her guardian. My presence is merely is as a substitute companion when her guardian is at work. My place on the order of Daisy’s importance is third.

During the absence of her guardian, my presence was priority. My absence during this week left me with the assignment of being slept on. Luckily, it was generally Daisy Mae on my feet, though most nights she placed herself between me and the edge of the bed.

If Daisy could have attached herself to my hip during the dreaded “Vacation Disappearance of The Guardian,” it would have happened. Now that the vacation is over, and her number two has returned, my demotion is obvious.

When the guardian left for work, Daisy Mae was found laying in the entry in front of the door the guardian had left by. Yeah, I am feeling the love.



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