Acrylic Paints

While drawing illustrations, also am learning to use acrylics. Like anything new, to become familiar with a skill, some study and practice time has to be squeezed in. (Youtube is a plethora of sources of information on this subject as well.) While it would be nice to go to a paint class, (if one fits … Continue reading Acrylic Paints


While my daughter was gone on vacation, Daisy Mae and me spent all our time together. Ok, so, it was Daisy Mae who spent all her time with me. Normally, when my agenda has me out and about, Daisy has the companionship of her guardian. My presence is merely is as a substitute companion when … Continue reading Alliances

Routes, Maps, Paths, or How I Got Here

There are many career paths with predetermined points along the way. Then there are some that don’t. The arts definitely have both kinds of paths. The creative path tends to meander considerably, at least for me. Admittedly, coming off of nursing studies, with a straight forward check list and predetermined professional certification has been an … Continue reading Routes, Maps, Paths, or How I Got Here

Wild Tangent

  As you read this, I am starting my first day without my companion dog and running partner. Yes, it is a tough day. Not that many people would want to read a dog’s obituary every day— but wait, some people do read obituaries every day about people. So why not an obituary about a … Continue reading Wild Tangent