Personal Deadlines

So where did I expect to be by the end of February? My expectations were to have some of the page illustrations complete and be working on painting. Almost there, which is a relief.

Another deadline that has come and barely completed at the end of January to have finish the Right Brain drawing book. Struggling along with portrait drawings, with only some mild improvement.

Practicing painting with acrylics and watercolor; my daughter is directing and playing around some on my own. It has been hard to find classes that fit into my schedule. Isn’t that a common problem? We have an interest and a desire to learn something new, but then can’t find the class or teacher that meshes with your time, and interest? If one works out for me, I am taking it!

My expectations have had to be tempered. Most of the time I try to do too much. Squeeze something into every minute of the day. Rush, push and just generally do too much. It is an old habit that is very hard to break.

This is requiring me to alter my expectations and standards. Relearn what is truly reasonable. Balance, not only in art, but in life.


3 thoughts on “Personal Deadlines

    1. Oh, girl! If this is a roll, it is really bumpy! LOL! Seriously, this is not a roll, it isn’t even a biscuit. This is awkward, ugly and very messy. Basically, it is just life. The truth is I have to learn to say, “No,” mostly to myself. That just because I want to doesn’t mean there are enough hours in the day to do things. Finding a balance so that I have the time to work on art has been hit and miss. Does that sound familiar?

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