Focus 2017

As the year is wound down, my search for a new theme/focus word for 2017 started. It was near the end before I found the word. A few days contemplating the definition and potential for the word, I found myself posting on Facebook asking friends to comment with a single positive word they felt described me. It wasn’t one of those long,”if you do this, I will do that” chain posts. Just a simple request and I was blessed with a variety of very sweet responses. Those words will be combined into a part of my focus efforts for 2017.

The word I chose was “respect.” It was not lofty elitist ideals that initiated my consideration for this theme word. I derived my need to focus on this word from my own lack of respect for my work and self care. I lacked respect of my own care and time required to keep up with my training schedule or my rest requirements. Something that this year made very apparent. So as 2016 neared the end, I began refocusing on those habits and routines that help me be the best I can be. Those things that help me work my hardest.

Oh, and those single words that were given to me by friends? Those words will be the start of daily journal entry for at least the first 90 days of 2017. The words my friends chose to describe me were:


Using them in the journal form my high school English teacher taught me somewhere around junior year will look something like this:

I am a loving, outgoing, caring, friendly, intelligent, mess, tenacious, imaginative, caring, funny, intelligent, active, smart, creative, mother, indomitable, strong, gorgeous, strong woman.

Thanks goes to: Vivien, Kathy, Laura, Lance, Teri, Maurica, March, Lisa, Ruthanne, Laura, Diana, Juanita, Joanne, Patty, Michael, Gina, Jody, Anthony, Janet.

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