Walk the Walk


In all forms: contests, articles for print and other sources, essays, stories— there is a lot of work involved. That isn’t even counting the illustration work that I have planned this year. Looking at a list of it all made me sit back and re-evaluate my time and where I am spending it.

I used the last year to attend college full time. It was my check and balance to decide if writing really was my thing or not. Funny thing happened during those studies some of my faults and weakness writing were identified but identifying them hasn’t deterred me. It made me realize that I have to work harder to rise to the level I believe I am capable of achieving.

Realizing that I am ready to face the rejection letters and lack of response and still move forward. THAT is when you know you are on the right path. Well, at least that is what I believe. Those negatives are tools to evaluate my progress towards the writer I want to be.

But, something I learned sitting in class, speaking to other students, how to filter through those negatives. Some will be useful and spur you on to better yourself, others are misplaced or checkpoints for whether or not you are using the right means and methods to achieve what you are seeking success in.

POW! There is usefulness in the negatives as well as the positive feedback you receive. Learning how to filter has been and will continue to be a struggle for me.

So, what about the non feedback? Yeah, I have been in that stagnating stage as well. It means you got stuck. You went so far but didn’t finish the path, there are still steps waiting to be taken.

Part of mine was a lack of confidence in myself, and in what I was doing. It took me a year to build that up, to see that it was not only possible (the theme of 2016 for me) but it was, I was, I am a writer and this is what I am supposed to be doing. I gained the confidence to move into being that.

What are you moving into being? Or are you still standing at the doorway waiting to be welcomed in?


Moving Forward

Writing ahead of schedule means this post will run three weeks into 2017. As I write this future post, I am working on the marketing aspect of being an independent writer something I haven’t done with intention to follow up on until now.
I have watched other new, first self published writers go the independent route and do much better than I have. They applied themselves working hard at marketing and advertising. They built fan bases.

I congratulate them. They are inspiring. On occasion, after meeting and reading some really talented writers, I put some of my own effort in helping them promote themselves, all the while shrinking away from promoting me.

With the word respect for my 2017 focus, it is high time I respected my work and showed up in all the positions an indie author function. That means promotion, no matter how much it scares me. (If you notice any promotions, please let me know you have seen it.)

I am also asking you to share, like, tweet, post (insert whatever appropriate social media action) – I would really appreciate the help. That by the way is a part of my own difficulties, not asking for help. The few times I have, those individuals have been very gracious and obliged, I am both thankful and blessed by their actions.

If you, could also share with me places you think I should do promotions at/in/with, that would be helpful.

I was reminded of this in a blog by Kristen Lamb about publishing. http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/the-hard-truth-about-publishing-what-writers-readers-need-to-know/ The most important thing is reader reviews on Amazon at this point in time for indie authors. I tend to believe this is true, since for one I haven’t scored many of them.

I tend to believe my writing is just that bad and only those who love me personally are willing to put their necks on the line to help me promote. (THANK YOU!) My other belief is that I don’t have a genre or a fanbase big enough to make a difference. Oddly enough, I am ok with and maybe my biggest problem.

I am trudging ahead, and will be working on all the above in 2017. If you read my work, find a place to comment and comment. Copy links to my works, both free reads and for sale and tweet them, please. Copy links and share them on Facebook, please. THANK YOU!
Be bold. I am.

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

Did you get what you wished for in 2016?

What are you going to do about that in 2017?

Are you ready to start working on things you have dreamed of doing? That is my focus in 2017.

What are you doing about that today? Name it! Act on it.

These are my two daily things to do. Ask myself what can I do today, and do.


Focus 2017

As the year is wound down, my search for a new theme/focus word for 2017 started. It was near the end before I found the word. A few days contemplating the definition and potential for the word, I found myself posting on Facebook asking friends to comment with a single positive word they felt described me. It wasn’t one of those long,”if you do this, I will do that” chain posts. Just a simple request and I was blessed with a variety of very sweet responses. Those words will be combined into a part of my focus efforts for 2017.

The word I chose was “respect.” It was not lofty elitist ideals that initiated my consideration for this theme word. I derived my need to focus on this word from my own lack of respect for my work and self care. I lacked respect of my own care and time required to keep up with my training schedule or my rest requirements. Something that this year made very apparent. So as 2016 neared the end, I began refocusing on those habits and routines that help me be the best I can be. Those things that help me work my hardest.

Oh, and those single words that were given to me by friends? Those words will be the start of daily journal entry for at least the first 90 days of 2017. The words my friends chose to describe me were:


Using them in the journal form my high school English teacher taught me somewhere around junior year will look something like this:

I am a loving, outgoing, caring, friendly, intelligent, mess, tenacious, imaginative, caring, funny, intelligent, active, smart, creative, mother, indomitable, strong, gorgeous, strong woman.

Thanks goes to: Vivien, Kathy, Laura, Lance, Teri, Maurica, March, Lisa, Ruthanne, Laura, Diana, Juanita, Joanne, Patty, Michael, Gina, Jody, Anthony, Janet.