Walk the Walk

  In all forms: contests, articles for print and other sources, essays, stories— there is a lot of work involved. That isn’t even counting the illustration work that I have planned this year. Looking at a list of it all made me sit back and re-evaluate my time and where I am spending it. I … Continue reading Walk the Walk

Moving Forward

Writing ahead of schedule means this post will run three weeks into 2017. As I write this future post, I am working on the marketing aspect of being an independent writer something I haven’t done with intention to follow up on until now. I have watched other new, first self published writers go the independent … Continue reading Moving Forward

Focus 2017

As the year is wound down, my search for a new theme/focus word for 2017 started. It was near the end before I found the word. A few days contemplating the definition and potential for the word, I found myself posting on Facebook asking friends to comment with a single positive word they felt described … Continue reading Focus 2017