What are you doing between Christmas and New Years? Myself? I am working on catching up those things which will make 2017 easier. Specifically, I am working on my drawing skills.  I picked up Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. This is a part of my effort to create better illustrations for the picture books for grandchildren.

Not only did I purchase the book at Norfolk’s Prince Books, but I also ordered the portfolio with all the equipment (a list of these items and instructions on creating them exist in the book) through the DrawRight website. After reading the introduction and first two chapters, I decided that ordering the portfolio would save me time and be worth the money for me considering the book and exercises were starting about Thanksgiving and into Christmas.

Here it is after and I am only in the sixth chapter of the twelve contained in the book. I am letting the information seep, in as well as making time to execute the exercises and watch the video that came with the drawing materials. I still plan on starting work on the BD picture book the first week in January. I have the pagination worked out and a concept of the illustrations. Now I have to do some price checking to decide the size of the book.

Why is that important? First, I want it affordable. Second, I need to know final size so that I can discern the size of the original illustrations. There is a ratio that makes mistakes seemingly disappear when reduced.   There will be mistakes, with me being an amateur artist. (That there is an enormous stretch of the word artist).

Here is a sharing of the doodling thus far. I have to admit, I am rather impressed with the method.


This was an upside down drawn copy. Issues with perspective of proportion.                                                                      
Second attempt at upside down drawn copy. Slight improvement on proportion and relationship.
Using View Pane to drawn hand.
Up close of copy of View Pane drawn hand.



6 thoughts on “Bonus

  1. Love the idea of getting ready for 2017… I am going to try and make good use of my time before school starts on Jan 17. I had to draw Picasso (man in the chair) when I was taking drawing and art lessons last year. My teacher would only show me 1/2 inch of the drawing at a time and it was upside down. I wasn’t able to see who or what it was until I was done. Mine didn’t turn out too bad, but you did great! 🙂



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