Pumpkin Painting

Standing in line waiting to purchase cleaning supplies and storage boxes, I met a little lady with her adults buying pumpkin painting supplies. The conversation that ensued during our checkout line wait touched upon how last year the pumpkin painting colors all smooshed into a gray mass. The adults were hopeful this year to see other colors besides gray, and the little lady was just excited about the annual activity.

All this brought to mind Picasso. When Picasso was a kid, did he smoosh all the colors to gray? How much did he draw and paint before his talent shone through?

As children what were all the greats like?

Practice is something we tell children they have to do, but how often do they see their adults practice something? Do they see us fail and try again? Do we show them that trying and failing is ok?

So, whether you paint a pumpkin or carve one, isn’t it more important to try what you are interested in than how well you do right off? So do something creative today. Be an example to our youth and encourage their experiments of art and creativity.

Help them write a story, paint a picture, or mold some clay, by doing something creative yourself. Be pleased with efforts, however smooshed and gray, not everyone’s talent comes complete at the first try. Practice is one of those lessons of life not just learned and earned by doing, but by watching others struggle through the doing.

And let me clarify, it isn’t just struggling through the doing, but enjoying the doing as well.


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