Fiasco Chicken

  This seems to be the appropriate time to write about an event from this fall. It’s Christmas time and everyone has either been eating, thinking of eating, or cooking. So this post fits. First off I have to refer to “Oven-Fried Chicken” on page 107-108 in The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV SHOW Cookbook … Continue reading Fiasco Chicken


What are you doing between Christmas and New Years? Myself? I am working on catching up those things which will make 2017 easier. Specifically, I am working on my drawing skills.  I picked up Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. This is a part of my effort to create better illustrations for … Continue reading Bonus

Merry Christmas

There was a post that was supposed to go live today, that has been pulled. It is being entered in a writing contest.  One of my goals for 2017 is to start submitting my work for contests and publications . . . well there is no time like the present. Starting off the year off … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Guest Post – Porsha Vaughn

I want to share a friend of mine’s essay for an English class. Having been a military spouse for such a long time, and a Navy one at that, there are many traditions that the military, specifically the Navy have. Porsha Vaughan wrote about one that happens every fall called the Khaki ball. I asked … Continue reading Guest Post – Porsha Vaughn

Pumpkin Painting

Standing in line waiting to purchase cleaning supplies and storage boxes, I met a little lady with her adults buying pumpkin painting supplies. The conversation that ensued during our checkout line wait touched upon how last year the pumpkin painting colors all smooshed into a gray mass. The adults were hopeful this year to see … Continue reading Pumpkin Painting