Setting a Deadline

The middle processes of preparing a story for publication is rewriting. A part of writing that can be painful and very ugly. Polishing what works and cutting what doesn’t is often related to killing your offspring. It can be a very emotional event.

Some writers might argue whether cutting or rewriting is harder. I think cutting is easier than rewriting/replacing, but then other times it is the reverse.

Well, that is what I though until I started working a couple of years ago on picture books, which I have as of today not finished either one.

So I have set a deadline that one will be ready for Christmas 2017. One has been rewritten and the other is nearing that point. The older of the two is really all about the illustrations so, that is the one I most like to be finished first.

Clearing my calendar to do the work looks like I will be starting at the first of the year, and hope you will help me hold myself accountable to follow through on having it ready.

This week I am blocking out the pages and seeing what I have done already. A tentative illustration deadline is April/May. With setting up the publishing by August. So, it sounds doable.

I am making notes and some preliminary drawings are already done, I am making notes on what I hope to do for the rest of the book. Possibly discussing or taking some art classes as well.



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