Website Changes

Temporarily or permanent remains to be seen. I am slowly applying the common ways and means of maintaining a writer’s blog. Not entirely sure they all apply to me because I am more comfortable applying only what I believe is appropriate as I gain writing confidence. There is no one size fits all way to market and sell work. (Yes, I know that some want to dictate that, but there is always a new approach and precedents are shattered by someone new’s success.)

Sure you can push yourself, or take your time. That is a personal decision. I prefer to share my process and progress as a way to encourage others to work toward fulfilling their dreams.

As I have gained confidence and am still working the next step is making the changes in marketing and how I present myself to readers. But it has to be in a comfortable way for me.

Like –
* Making a landing page on the blog.
* In the coming weeks setting up an independent email list.
* Will be setting up a website, possibly multipurpose.

As always, please feel free to commit Watch for the changes.



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