While taking a step back from the picture book projects, I stumbled upon hand-lettering. I was thinking about how the final book would look and what I could do to make it easier to read.

Size as well as the font itself can make a difference in how the story sits on the page, adding or reducing the level of difficulty of the story itself. Also placement of the words on the page can affect the story pacing and aid in it being enjoyable. (I have struggled with a book which will remain nameless due to the size of the type and font. The content is compelling material, but I can only struggle with the mechanics of trying to read for so long before I get a headache.)

Small details that I had planned on looking into later in the final process are what I have been doing the convalescence of “the broken arm.” Trying to make good use of my down time this summer, making decisions on whether to use black and white or color drawings.

Little details that might have been made in haste to hurry up and get the project finished. Maybe I am learning patience? Could be.


One thought on “Evolution


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