Lost Money

So based on a party website that is touting my children's books snowball I could've made $2,000, that is if I had gotten a mere dollar of profit from each download they profess. That would've helped pay for the necessities of needed during this recovery time. I'm both annoyed and a bit pleased. That is … Continue reading Lost Money


  One day before I broke my arm, too lazy to go to the grocery to get pasta and sauce, the sweltering heat index in the triple digits and all the makings from scratch were found in the kitchen. I set to work. Halfway through I found the makings for meatballs, so those were made, … Continue reading Pastatastic

Art Reboot

Art work on the picture book projects has stalled. This physically limiting setback is temporary, but has given me a different perspective at editing. I have set aside time to start working on artwork, even if it means getting everything ready and set up, only to put it away again. Starting somewhere, is part of … Continue reading Art Reboot