Embrace the Suck

Something my youngest said to me, that I am not good at doing. What he meant (I was whinny and bemoaning the negatives at the moment he counseled me) was accept and work with the limitations currently confining me.

This is a forced vacation from my plans, so toss the plans and stop trying to force things to work out on a timetable that can’t be met. Sometimes work arounds to continue with plans are possible, sometimes they aren’t. My son reminded me that too much energy was wasted on the negative focus and not enough on the ways I could make this a positive.

The habit of doing too much has to end. That is my doing and choice. This summer has become an opportunity to do just that. Some days are easy, but there are those stinkers when its easier to revert to wimping out than to struggle. That was the day that my son caught and coached me.

It was a couple of days before my splint came off, before I could start using my fingers on the keyboards again, my patience was low that day and frustration was high. I wasn’t getting any work done to my satisfaction.

Time for a little vacation from frustration and pushing myself.


One thought on “Embrace the Suck


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