One priority that hasn’t been difficult during bone mending is re-watching episodes of the Gilmore Girls. During the original series showing, my daughter and I rarely missed a show. Now with the revival shows coming up in November, we are each re-viewing the series with plans to watch the upcoming new shows together.

This memory of what was once our weekly tradition made me think of all the family traditions that are near and dear to my heart, but have long since gone to the wayside. Included in a list would it be bedtime stories, Saturday morning cartoons, and reading The Life and Times of Santa Claus at Christmas. Family traditions are important memories to make and have.

All those years ago, when we started making our family memories, I really didn’t think much about it. Our traditions evolved out of our interests and passions. I can remember trying to start traditions that didn’t take off, being disappointed and worried but I wasn’t doing enough for my children. Even to this day I’m not always aware of the traditions that stayed with my children as adults. I’m pleasantly reminded by them and my grandchildren.

As long as you are willing to repeat activities that bring family together or encourage interests you will find ones will stick. Family traditions are the warm fuzzies, the memories, that will looking back on as well as forward.


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