Scribbles Feeling better and trying to get back to activity since my bones are on the mend. Notes I made, that at the time I thought were legible, look like chicken scratches across the page today. So much for all that frustration pushing me forward. What I have accomplished is . . . not much. … Continue reading Scribbles

Embrace the Suck

Something my youngest said to me, that I am not good at doing. What he meant (I was whinny and bemoaning the negatives at the moment he counseled me) was accept and work with the limitations currently confining me. This is a forced vacation from my plans, so toss the plans and stop trying to … Continue reading Embrace the Suck

Becoming A Lefty

While my inspiration is slacking, I am working on becoming ambidextrous. Work on the little picture book is stagnating, again. The beginning of the story is causing me trouble. Learning how to draw with my lefthand is just as difficult as finishing the little picture book. Next week I plan on just putting it together … Continue reading Becoming A Lefty


One priority that hasn’t been difficult during bone mending is re-watching episodes of the Gilmore Girls. During the original series showing, my daughter and I rarely missed a show. Now with the revival shows coming up in November, we are each re-viewing the series with plans to watch the upcoming new shows together. This memory … Continue reading Traditions