Learn From Others

First off you’re so wonderful website for learning about bicycle safety

Bicycle Safety

In my youth, every year at school there were presentations and programs on bicycle safety. To this day I wear my bicycle helmet and observe traffic laws when riding.

We all make bad judgments at times and accidents do happen. Recently, I had both. Setting out for my first ride on new bicycle, I made bad decision. I tried to hop tree roots.(This is one of those don’t try this at home stories.) Just because you’ve bought a mountain bicycle does not mean you have the skills to properly ride one.

I ended up falling off my bike and in the effort to break my fall I broke my forearm. Let me share that you never want to break your arm. And it’s really the little things you’ll miss most.

Here is my current list, in no particular order:

Brush your teeth
Washing your face
Washing your hands–try washing the one hand with only one hand
Shampooing your hair
Putting your shoes on
Tying your shoes
Pouring a glass of milk
Feeding yourself
Getting dressed
Finding a comfortable position to sleep in
Going to the bathroom
Opening any jar, package, or container
Texting a message
Plugging your cell phone up for charging
Buttoning a button
Zipping anything
Reading a book, real book


7 thoughts on “Learn From Others

  1. The little things we take for granted.. eh? You left out put a bra on, take a shower and about 15 things we can’t mention here! LOL! I feel your pain doll. After I broke my wrist a couple of years ago, it was tough going. Good thing we both have the good kind of hubby’s to help us through such things. I’m glad you were with him when it happened instead of alone… 🙂


    1. Thank you! Oh, my! That was tough for you son and those who helped him.
      This forced sabbatical in plans may not have removed my blinders in drive and purpose but the slowdown has allowed me a broader view of writing and life.

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