This Isn’t Easy

I sit with drawing paper in front of me at least once a day. I have tried to write the start more times than I care to count. Some images are already drawn. My self imposed deadline was the end of July. (I plan to give this book away when finished- hopefully in time for Christmas, but don’t hold your breath, we will all be blue before then.)

At the same time I am studying fantasy fiction and working on another grandchild’s story. As part of my study I am reading about R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt. I have tried to analyze and read as I go, but there is a problem with that process.

I keep getting caught up in the story and forget to pay attention to how the story is told! I have my favorite authors in other genre’s that I find when I close their books, I sit back and bask in the enjoyment and entertaining, with the culmination of admiration ending with the conscious thought, I want to write that good.

While reading Salvatore, I am thinking about the story itself and the action going on. My mental faculties are prisoners within the page. My reading has had to slow down considerably to allow my head to come out of the story and think, “how’d he do that?”

After my first book, there have been many short stories written, but not any that I have put out. Realizing I made mistakes, there was hope if I waited a bit my skills would get better and my ability stronger. It will, but it will always be doing so. Holding off has been frustrating to me, worse than the embarrassment of publishing errors and writing that needs work, it has been stifling my creative side.

That doesn’t mean I will be willynilly publishing and promoting every single thing at once, but it does mean I am taking a middle of the road approach to not only what I write, but when I publish as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get this picture book done this year.


5 thoughts on “This Isn’t Easy

  1. Drizzt Do’Urden is a very complex character. Being a good guy from a bad race, I can see why you chose that one.

    I agree with Courtney. You can do it. We have faith, so should you 🙂



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