Learn From Others

First off you're so wonderful website for learning about bicycle safety Bicycle Safety In my youth, every year at school there were presentations and programs on bicycle safety. To this day I wear my bicycle helmet and observe traffic laws when riding. We all make bad judgments at times and accidents do happen. Recently, I … Continue reading Learn From Others

This Isn’t Easy

I sit with drawing paper in front of me at least once a day. I have tried to write the start more times than I care to count. Some images are already drawn. My self imposed deadline was the end of July. (I plan to give this book away when finished- hopefully in time for … Continue reading This Isn’t Easy

Peace and Compassion

Since around the sixth of July, I have been posting and rereading this post I wrote on a social media site, trying to focus on consistently doing this- I hope that my prayers, my voice in unison with others will become a constant that heals and brings us together. As we all snuggle into sleep, … Continue reading Peace and Compassion

My Reading List

Sometime ago, we are talking years here, I started reading the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . . .” By Richard Carlson, Ph.D. It has been an off and on part of my morning coffee time. The “off and on” part relates to the first quote in the book, (really first, it is found … Continue reading My Reading List