My Moment of Truth

What if I never am successful by traditional standards? Not meeting the cashflow or any standard of literary achievement, will that mean I am a failure?

If others think I am a joke, not a real author, writer, does that invalidate my efforts?

Who decides success? The world at large, a select group of professionals, or me?

Standards. That is the bottomline. Meeting, exceeding, challenging, but more importantly acceptance of standard is part of the definition of success. We determine what standard we accept for ourselves. It matters more how we see ourselves than how others see us. I know I am my biggest obstacle, and when I don’t feel that I am a big enough obstacle, I let others chime in and shore up that self doubt. Those choices I make are bad, and I am working on changing that habit.

The truth is standards are not hard and fixed, they are ever changing. What we accept as our own personal standards have a greater bearing on our definition of success, and how we look at ourselves. So choose wisely. My best advise to myself.



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